October 1, 2022
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How HackWork Intends to Pave the Way for a Greater Artist Economy

Conforming with industry standards to help build a greater artist economy, we will be implementing new project requirements effective October 1st, 2022. All projects listed on the network hereafter must follow the guidelines listed below, reflected upon the HackWork Terms & Conditions.

1. Minimum Budget: $30

The bare minimum offer for a single piece of work on the network will be $30.

2. Commercial projects

All projects for commercial purposes require a minimum budget of $100 without a full-rights license. Commercial projects requiring a full transfer of rights must not be less than $500.

Any projects posted after the effective date will be held liable to these guidelines. Projects unable to meet requirements will be made private and the client will be requested to update their offering. Although this may limit the number of projects available, it will hold both the clients and freelancers to a higher standard. See artist requirements here.

Thank you for joining the revolution,

HackWork Team

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