September 29, 2022
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HackWork’s Talent Verification System

All freelancers shown to clients on HackWork have surpassed our manual talent verification system. For every artist who creates their profile, our quality assurance team will validate the users based on the criteria below.

1. Freelancer Authenticity

First and foremost, our team verifies if the freelancer is a real person. Every user, client or freelancer, has to pass a basic email verification check. Next, freelancers undergo an internet background check to ensure no malpractice has been reported in the past. We make sure freelancers are real people with genuine intentions.

2. Portfolio Review

The second, and most important step, is HackWork’s portfolio review process. Our team verifies that no items in a freelancer’s portfolio have been stolen from other creators. This is the most time-consuming, yet one of the most important aspects of our verification system. We want to make sure that what you see is what you get.

3. Quality Check

To ensure a high client satisfaction rate, we only verify users who create their work with a high standard. HackWork is not the place for beginners, however we do provide personalized tips to help users get to where they want to be!

What happens if a freelancer does not pass the verification process?

Depending on the reason for not passing verification, our system either makes your profile private or blacklists you completely. Genuine users who did not pass the quality check are automatically notified of their profile being made private and are encouraged to improve their portfolio to become verified. Users can be blacklisted for many reasons including falsified portfolios & malpractice in the industry. These users are notified and listed within our system indefinitely.

If your profile was made private and would like a reevaluation, send us an email with your username at!

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