September 22, 2022
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How the HackWork Network Actually Works

HackWork aims to tie the bridge between influencers and skilled talent based off platforms such as YouTube & Twitch. The network will serve as a central hub for projects. We help content creators find freelancers who specialize in this industry. Influencers need designers, editors, and marketers who actually understand the trends of the community. If we can work together to spread the word, we can definitely build a network to be beneficial to a lot of creators.

We Rely on Projects

Projects are the heart of this network. Our main focus is to bring in niche projects for freelancers to work on. We want to help designers and editors get the clients they deserve. Currently our initial marketing will be focusing on bringing in design, and stream/video related projects. We will try to bring in clients for designers who need YouTube banners, stream overlays, logos and work of this nature. For the editors we will focus on capturing YouTube and Twitch stream related projects. If people want quality work they have to pay for it, therefore we have implemented escrow and milestone payment services to ensure the safe delivery of your projects and payments.

Helping People Find Paid Work

What separates HackWork from other freelance networks is the market we are targeting. Corporate projects for large businesses bid for thousands of dollars in the regular market. Our focus is on smaller and more specialized projects in the content creator industry. We want to help skilled talent founded on social media platforms, to profit from their work and gain exposure through paid projects.

Chasing Talent

Create a profile that captures the focal point of your line of work. Let clients see what services and quality you can offer them. Users get to import their portfolios, work experience, and skills to showcase their talent. Individuals based on YouTube and Twitch can also link their platforms right onto their profile page. You’re even able to upload your Twitter header right onto HackWork.

Send & Receive Project Payments Safely

Unfortunately many people like to scam online. In order to make sure your money is safe, or to make sure that your employer actually has money secured, we have implemented two different payment systems with our credits economy.

We created our payment systems with the safety of both parties in mind. The tools we provide ensure the client’s peace of mind when spending their money on projects. If the work is not up to the client’s standards, the client can still get their money back. We notify freelancers to start work only once a payment has been deposited to HackWork, to make sure you are not getting taken advantage of.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Project payments are handled with credits. All credit deposits and withdrawals are secured by PayPal.

If there are any significant issues for either party: Client or Freelancer, a user may always dispute their project to have a representative of HackWork get involved.

Our Secure Escrow Payment System

Our escrow payment system is made for simple projects with less tasks, yet still maintaining the safety of the client’s money and the freelancer’s time:

-The client may deposit their project payment to our secure escrow account. Once deposit has been made, the freelancer will be notified to begin work.

-The project payment will be released from the escrow to the freelancer as work has been completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Try out Milestone Payments for Larger Projects

Our milestone payment system is aimed for larger projects with more time consuming tasks,yet still maintaining the safety of the client’s money and the freelancer’s time:

-The client may divide and deposit project payments into different milestones with descriptions. The freelancer will be notified once a deposit is valid and secured to begin work.

-Project payments will be released to the freelancer as milestones are reached and completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Online Workspaces for Easier Project Management

To provide the best user experience possible throughout the project’s work process, we have implemented custom online workspaces for all your projects.

Freelancers and Clients will be able to have clear communication throughout their business together. File-sharing is possible via the instant messaging system. All project payments and details are located all in one easy to use workspace. Over here is also where a user is able to initiate the project dispute process if things are not working out between both parties.

Connecting Online Content Creators

Join us on our journey as we try to build the bridge between content creators and freelancers. Help spread the word!

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