October 27, 2022
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Make Money with HackWork’s Affiliate Program

Introducing the launch of our very own affiliate program gives many more people the opportunity to take advantage of their sourcing skills to generate money not only for themselves but for freelancers as well.

1. Access your Affiliate Panel

Assuming you’re already a registered member of HackWork- you can access your affiliate panel via the account menu on the left sidebar of your dashboard. If you’re already logged in to your HackWork account, you can visit your affiliate panel by clicking here.

2. Share your Affiliate Link

In your affiliate panel, you’re able to view all the users who’ve signed up through your link and access your earnings. Over here you access your affiliate URL used to share and refer clients to HackWork.

3. Find Projects and Make Money

As a HackWork affiliate, you take home 5% of any money spent by users who sign up with your link. This means, for example- if people you referred have posted and completed 4 projects worth $250 each, you would receive $50 instantly accessible for withdrawal at any time.

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