Need art assets for a total rebrand

Project Description

Looking for art assets for a rebranding I'm planning. I'm in need of the following:

1. Profile image/logo

2. Header image

3. Overlay: animated, camera overlay as separate, moveable asset

4. Panels: About Me, Rules, Schedule, Stay in Touch, Tips

5. Five emotes

6. Sub badges

7. Screens and transitions

I'm looking for something using a Norse Pagan/Viking theme mixed with some elements of sci-fi using Space Wolves from the Warhammer 40,000 universe to create kind of a space viking/techno-barbarian feel. I'm looking for assets using a color theme similar to my current channel assets as folks seem to enjoy that color scheme. Ideas should be related to Viking/Norse religion(no Marvel stuff, please, not what I'm going for) mixed with the above mentioned Space Wolf ideas. Power armor, weaponry made out of ice, etc though those are just ideas not requirements.

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    Joao V.


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